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WIP July 13, 2011

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Or works in progress.  I have about six or seven.  I can’t show any pictures because I don’t usually take pictures throughout the project, just at the end.  I am going to go through a few anyway and link them anyway to my Ravelry Page.  First is steamy sweater for mama .  Check out the link to get my insperation for the sweater, Buttony Sweater  It is a top down sweater , raglan sleeves, cable work, an asymmetrical button band.  when finished it will hit below my hips or tunic style.  I have yet to decide some details of the sleeves.  That is the most wonderful thing of doing a sweater top down; you can make some decisions later about how to finish it.  I find going bottom up too limeting.  I am always too anxious to get started on the shaping, so I end up not making it long enough!   The yearn is a beautiful sea foamy color, and so soft, I would link a photo of the color but I was not likeing anything 😦 .  The buttons are a beautiful silver with gold detailing. I can’t wait for this sweater to be done but it is one that gets put aside for other projects, I’m not complaining it just the way it is.