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*This Moment* June 22, 2012

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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember


Thank you to Soule Mama to starting this wonderful tradition


A New Chapter May 28, 2012

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So the week before I had the stomach flu with the rest of my family, I was feeling great on Monday and even took a walk.  Then It all went down hill! Now I have some sort of ear thing that is making me dizzy, luckily everyday is a bit better.

Gavin graduated from preschool this past week. It has been quite a journey with my little man.  He started nearly three years ago not being able to say much at all. Now he can talk up a storm with what his teachers have called an amazing vocabulary.  (That would be thanks to the nightly ritual of one or two story books, one chapter of a chapter book, and the “made up” story.  Yes, it takes about thirty to forty minuets to actual lights out.)  In fall a new chapter will begin with Kindergarten, which to my understanding is *nothing* like it was when I went!

This summer I hope to share the things we do and stuff we learn.  We Have the zoo membership this year again, and the library will be a big part.  Gavin will be having soccer and swim lessons, and of coarse there will be VBS.  I am doing weekly “Themes” again this year too.  They were wonderful last year and I am hoping that we will learn new things and also revisit a few favorites.

“Themes” are subjects, like dinosaurs or the solar system, that we explore each week.  I start by taking out age appropriate books, then look for things to do around each theme.  For example, when we went down town last year, I knew we would be hitting both the Field museum and  the Shedd aquarium.  Two weeks before we talked about fish and the week of, we did dinosaurs.  When we got to the Field museum he was very excited to see Sue the T-Rex.  Then at the aquarium, he was able to see some the fish he saw in his books.  He was able to share what he had learned those weeks and the information was sort of “cemented” into his memory.  I am hoping to take advantage of all the great things we have near by to enrich this summer too.