Recording the journey…and knitting

WIP June 13, 2012

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Making this ^ with this:

I am learning hairpin lace, I am glad I am, but I’m not sold on it as a technique yet. It is a tad fiddly.

I am still working on socks I have no pictures for and my sweater. I have finished a scarf, but I’m not ready to show that one yet 😉

UPDATE! I totally for got to post the picture of my new earring frame!

I had the frame and used some leftover sock yarn and I even had the staples to put it all together!  I saw this on Pinterest a while back and have been wanting to do it, when I found some extra frames I set to work.


WIP June 6, 2012

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With the start of a new round at one of my Ravelry groups, the WIP are multiplying faster then tribbles.  This is the third time knitting this, because I am developing a pattern for it.

Next is another pair of socks.  Who are they for? Who knows yet. (sorry no pics of them yet).  I am making a leafy scarf from the home spun I showed last week.  I have also started a new sweater, here are my gathered materials.

I have a few other ideas, but this is just what I have started.




Finished Objects! April 18, 2012

Oh I have been busy!

A beaded necklace

A Cowl for Memaw

Another bowl and actually I made three more but only two got recorded.

I finished this years eggs!

some home spun-those bright colors? I used left over Easter egg dye to dye some roving then spun!

And best of all…I got the sweater done!


WIP V-neck for Gavin July 27, 2011

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Today’s WIP is a sweater for Gavin.  V-neck for Gavin is a cotton sweater, with a v-neck (duh), a stripe and purl pattern in three colors.  This one is kinda giving me fits.  I had to frog (or rip out) the whole of it and start over, the sweater was the right length, but too big around. Then in the second attempt I had to frog a couple of rows.  So now I’m going at a good clip and hope I don’t have to do any other adjustments.  The yarn I am using; I love this cotton by Hobby Lobby is nice, but it does shed cotton all over.  I am hoping to have this done relatively soon, maybe by the time school starts.


WIP July 13, 2011

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Or works in progress.  I have about six or seven.  I can’t show any pictures because I don’t usually take pictures throughout the project, just at the end.  I am going to go through a few anyway and link them anyway to my Ravelry Page.  First is steamy sweater for mama .  Check out the link to get my insperation for the sweater, Buttony Sweater  It is a top down sweater , raglan sleeves, cable work, an asymmetrical button band.  when finished it will hit below my hips or tunic style.  I have yet to decide some details of the sleeves.  That is the most wonderful thing of doing a sweater top down; you can make some decisions later about how to finish it.  I find going bottom up too limeting.  I am always too anxious to get started on the shaping, so I end up not making it long enough!   The yearn is a beautiful sea foamy color, and so soft, I would link a photo of the color but I was not likeing anything 😦 .  The buttons are a beautiful silver with gold detailing. I can’t wait for this sweater to be done but it is one that gets put aside for other projects, I’m not complaining it just the way it is.