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Waive’s Spinach Salad June 5, 2012

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To Tim it is the taste of Summer.  The King side  are farmers in Southern Illinois  (except for my Father-in-law), and this is Grandma Waive’s spinach salad that she would serve when Tim and his family were visiting.  I was recently asking  if Waive was short for something, or a family name of sorts.  I found out that her first name is actually Estelle and her middle name is Waive (with no apparent precedent), and that she so disliked her first name, that she chose to go by her middle.

1 bag of baby spinach

small can of sliced water chest nuts (drained)

2 hard boiled eggs

about 4 strips crisp bacon (could totally use more and I usually do)


1/3 cup olive oil

2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce

2 Tbs Vinegar (any will do, I have used red, balsamic and apple cider)

2 Tbs Katsup


Mix the dressing ingredients until well emulsified.  Chop fine both the hard boiled eggs and bacon.  Toss the spinach, water chestnuts, egg and  bacon together with the dressing and serve immediately.


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