Recording the journey…and knitting

6 and Counting March 19, 2012

This past Sunday marked mine and Tim’s sixth wedding anniversary.  We had a great weekend!

First thing Saturday morning, Gavin was picked up by his Auntie Becky and Uncle Tyler for a three hour ride to their home to spend the night!  They had so much fun, watched lots of movies, played a lot, and got to go to a hockey game!


Now our adventures were darn cool too!  A very cool and smart sister-in-law, got us tickets to see Show Boat and the Lyric Opera of Chicago!

The show was absolutely fantastic of sets to costuming to the absolutely divine singing!  We started by taking the Metra to Chicago

had wine and a light dinner at the bistro, saw the lecture before the show, found our seats,

at intermission had coffee and dessert, saw the rest of the show, and as soon as the lights went down booked out of there to catch our train home that was leaving in 8 min!  Did I mention it was the 3rd warmest March in record, or that it was St Patrick’s Day? Yeah that was one crowded Train!

So on Sunday we went down to retrieve our boy and visit with my sister and Brother-in-law. Everybody had a great time and we were thoroughly wiped out!



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