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Quiche! February 16, 2012

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This is one of my most favorite things to make, Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. This is the most basic recipie for quiche that I make.  I often will use left overs to make a new flavor.  I don’t have a lot of mesurments- its mostly “lets see how full the pie pan looks” kind of thing.

1lb cooked bacon


Swiss cheese

6 eggs

cream or milk

Pie crust (1/2, bottom only)

First cook the bacon and chop up.  I find it easiest to cut the bacon then fry.

I usually buy the blocks of cheese, so while bacon is cooking-Shred the cheese, chop the spinach- and line the pie pan with the crust.

Once the bacon is done, you can start layering.  The meat first-

Next the spinach or veggies-

Then top with cheese-more the better for me!

For the eggs I like to use my blender.  I break six eggs into the blender jar, then add enugh milk or cream to come up to the 2 cup line.

Blend until very frothy. Once done pour very slowly into the pie pan. You may be able to see the egg mix in the next pic, but it shouldn’t be obvious.

Bake at 400 deg. until browned and solid all the way through.  If the top is cooking too quickly, I will take the broad side of a knife and carefully press down on top to bring up raw egg.  It may puff during cooking, but it will settle as it cools.

Let cool and serve-yum!


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