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Jumping February 13, 2012

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Lately it has been pretty quite, and we have fallen into a sort of rhythm, which we are still working on.  Tim is off to work and Monday’s for grocery shopping, school and Monday Night Ministries, Tuesdays are library day, Wednesday lately have meant floor hockey.  That will be ending this week though.  Thursday and Friday are kinda open.  Last Friday was a parent involvement day, we got to go to a local gym to do gymnasticy things with Gavin’s class mates.  It’s nice for every one who attends.  The kids get to socialize outside of the class room and so do the parents, it’s a nice place to just chat with the teachers too.  Saturday could be anything, and Sunday is Sunday school. That is our week for the most part, of coarse every week is different and challenging in its own way.  predictable rhythms are nice, but its the jazz rift that happen from time to time that gives a sense of progression.


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