Recording the journey…and knitting

Ten things to make January 24, 2012

1.   This Scarf for Tim’s Birthday.  Worked in two shades of red, He was inspired by the book Night Circus.

2.   TARDIS socks

3.   I’m pretty sure Petunia needs another sweater.

4.   This one is a two Part-er. So I am going to spin some sock yarn and

5.  This is the socks I what to make.

6.  I don’t know when, but I really like the simplicity of this shawl.

7.   I was going to do a braided rug, I cut up like six shirts and even started the braiding.  But man it’s slow going. so I’m going to crochet a rug like this one with all those shirts!

8.   I will be making my own chalk board paint some time then every surface in my home will be a chalk board! Mua haha haha!

9.   This is just so cool!

10.   Who doesn’t like playing with play dough!


One Response to “Ten things to make”

  1. Rene Says:

    I love them all… What can I say…but it is true !

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