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Favorites! January 17, 2012

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I hope you will enjoy checking out some of my favorite web sites, Most of witch I visit everyday!  Some you may have to join to get the full experience, but I highly recommend you do!

1.   Ravelry; This is a project storing, sharing, social site for those with a love a fiber! I come here multiple times a day!

2.  Soule Mama;  The blog of another Mama whom I admire.

3.  Pinterest;  A new find! I love and I go several times a day for all the loverly inspiration!

4.  Facebook; yeah…you know it.

5.  Cakewrecks; cracks me up.

6.  Girl Genius;  This wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like steampunk or sequential art or ray guns or mutants or love stories or any combination there of, try it out.

7.  Think Geek; cool geekery for sale!

8.  Rhythm of the home; Lots of nice down to earth things to do with the family or things to contemplate.  I love that this is made up of other contributions and it changes with the seasons. You will want to come back every so often to so the new things.

9.  My local Library; I can check the schedul of events, browse there catalog , learn a language, and so much more!

10. Set Phasers to LOL; This is such a guilty pleasure, and I do love my meme.


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