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Snow January 12, 2012

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White, fluffy, cold, wet, dry, tiny, huge, floating down, rushing down-snow.  Sure it can be a pain to drive in, cause back-braking shoveling, put too much weight on your roof, but when you live in the Midwest, it is an inevitable part of the yearly cycle.

I have spent some time in a part of the country that doesn’t get snow.  I missed the well defined changing of the seasons, with their distinct color pallets and soundtracks. Ever green, the only way you could tell it was winter, was that there was a lack of flowers.  Frosts would occasionally happen.  Once in a very southern city I was staying in got about an inch of snow.  It was not the snow of my home, it was very wet and icy.  I was the only one out that day.

So yes I am thankful for snow and the good and bad that comes with it.  I love sweaters, and fires, and baking, and sledding.  I love the snuggling, and the popcorn, the crafts.  I have so many good memories of sledding, the C-9 Christmas lights through the snow, the snowmen and snow angles, the hot coco.  Most of all, I love the excuse to knit!

So go get your snow pants on and sled with me, then we’ll get some hot coco to warm us up!


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