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WIP January 11, 2012

Filed under: Craft,Knitting,WIP — mamazoya @ 3:26 pm

Last week I showed a project idea I had.  It has been a wile since I showed any finished work.  I have been busy.

Miss Petunia got a new coat, I have no idea what the yarn is, I found it in my stash, other then wool.   I didn’t use a pattern, just fitted as I went.

This one is real cool because there are two things I mad in this.  Oh yeah, this is my sister and new brother in law.  I made the shrug from a very stretchy yarn that had some mohair in it. This is the Pattern I followed with just one modification-no bell sleeve.  The second thing I made was the flower cluster on the dress.  Amanda had seen the belts at the dress shop for a lot of money.  So Mom got the material, rhinestones and pearls, and I put it together.

Last, but not least, is Little Man’s V-Neck Sweater.  I went top-down, using this yarn.  I love this yarn for dish cloths and towels, was not so happy for garment.  I guess what I really didn’t like was reworking with any of the yarn that had been frogged, I would separate and pill.  It does wash nice, and Gavin enjoys it too, so its all good.  See you tomorrow!


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