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WIP Reduxe January 4, 2012

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A while ago I posted about a  WIP that was a sweater for this Mama.  I got pretty far along, The ribbing and the hem, bound off partially.  I tried it on, and it was too short! 😦   Oh, the horror, the in humanity-o.k. so maybe not that bad, but if you have  ever had to frog your work, you understand!

So I frogged back to just before the ribbing and added about three inches, started the ribbing again, bound off completely.  Tried it on once again.  This time it was long enough, it was just so unflattering on me!  Not kind to this shapely little lady. 😦  The yarn is great, even if it “fluffs” a little.  So I am taking a lemon and turning it into a peach!

So this is the sweater I have in mind.

It is a free Lion brand Pattern.  I need to make a sweater for myself that will just be following directions, I will be adjusting here and there.  Just for my sanity, I will design a sweater for myself one day, but it is not now.

So exciting being at the start on the project, I have gathered my materials, worked up a swatch to test gauge (which I almost never do for a pattern designed by some one else.  I have found that I am lucky and tend to knit at gauge.  I do swatch when I design…so no worries to the hard line swatchers),  and I have a small self imposed time line I would like to see this done in.  As always, I shall post the finished garment!


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