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Food August 11, 2011

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On our fantastic Chicago adventure we had the privilege of eating at a few of Chicago’s fine eating establishments, becoming fuller and fuller.  I  will recount them in the order we ate at them.

Gino’s East: Really  good deep dish pizza.  Yes, its known as Chicago style, but I did not have deep dish till I was a late teen.  We started out with a pitcher of 312, Bruschetta, and an anti pasta platter. Two Pizza’s were ordered, a Meaty legend, and a half plain cheese and half Gino’s East Supreme.

Tavern at the Park: Pricey, and though it says family friendly, there were no kids menu.  This aside, the food was wonderful.  I had Seared Ahi Tuna with asian slaw, sesame seeds & peanut soy drizzle. Yes I died and went to heaven. The tuna was fresh and melt in your mouth.  Tim Had the fish and chips and enjoyed it. I can’t recall what every one else had, but my mother-in-law and father-in-law had the same things we did.  Gavin had mini burgers, but definitely had a more grown up taste and he only ended up eating one of the three.

The Geneva: Breakfast for both days, had the best breakfast buffet (and I have been to Los Vegas).  This included omelets, waffles, changing egg dishes, breakfast meats, fruit, yoghurt, pastries, juices, dried fruit and nuts, smoked salmon, cured meats and I know I must be forgetting something.  The coffee was so good, well brewed, european style.

Santorini’s:  I have never really had greek food before this, sure I’ve had Gyros, Saganaki, and greek salads.  This is much more authentic and so good. A great Greek wine, kolokithakia a fried char-grilled zucchini served with skordalia, cold combo spread, octopus, Gavin had meat balls calles Kefledes, I had a combo plate of spanakatiropita dolmades vegetarian maussaka and chicken santorine, Tim had chicken arphrodite.

Berghoff’s:  This was not my first trip to the Burghoff, back in 2003 I went with my mom and sisters and in 2005 was one of my first dates with Tim.  He thought he was being so cool bringing a suburban girl to a chicago tradition and quite disappointed him when I said I had been there before. As usual every thing was good, Tim and I had the Sauerbraten.  Gavin got chicken fingers.  This was one of the better places for kids.  Only this and Gino’s East had crayons and coloring pages.

So much good food we ended up takeing a taxi back to the train station.



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