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WIP August 10, 2011

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Today I shall wax a bit more about socks now that I am working on my 23 pair.

I know that with the average price of a skein of sock yarn one could buy nearly 15 pairs.  I also know that with the time it takes to make a pair of socks one could shop for those socks for days. It’s so not about the quantity or time saved.  Nothing in this world is so good to your feet, (and in my humble opinion you soul) then a pair of comfy, hand-made socks.  aesthetically they have so many wonderful aspects.

It all begins with yarn choice, and there are so so many variations.  Some go for color, some for content.  I must admit that often my first consideration for a pair is the color or colors.  Solid, kettle dyed, self striping, space dyed, completely random hand dyed, tweed , ombre, the ways off the top of my head.  They all have their place and play a great part in deciding on a design.

Yarns are made from so many wonderful materials, some sustainable, others not so much. You have wool, which in turn has several sub categories; generic “wool”, merino being the most popular of the breeds for socks, and other breads.  Alpaca adds softness and warmth, but doesn’t have much of its own spring so will often be blended with something else.  There is also cotton, bamboo, milk protein yarns, soy yarns most of wich are blended with other fibers to make up for what those yarns lack.  Acrylic, nylon, and spandex are often added to extend wearability, to add depth of  color, or add a bit of stretch. (Also adding these last fibers help to make the yarn cheaper).

Then of course there is choosing a pattern, any there are just so many.  I can only suggest a few things to help you decide; skill level, the way your color choise will highlight or hid the design, and one you like!


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