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What we did August 9, 2011

Their is so much to do and see in Chicago you would really need a month to explore it all!  To start it off, a good stress free way to start,  we took the Metra train in.  Trains are cheep and relaxing, and you get to talk and interact with your family.  We talk about what we are going to see and do, read a few picture books, and play with toy cars.  we also played a rousing game of Red Car.  To play one player decides on a color and body style ( car, mini van, suv, truck) and takeing turns each person has to find That vehicle. When each person has found it, another player decides on a new vehicle.

We decided to walk to the hotel giving us the chance to explore parts of Millenium Park we didn’t last time.  We got to play at Cloud Gate, or as Chicagoans affectionately call it: The Bean.

We were put up at The Swissotel;  a very nice place, close to every thing we did.  The suites we were in had two bedrooms, a total of 3 bathrooms (nearly all full, one only had a shower), and a living rooms with spectacular views. The kid’s bedroom were set to a theme, the linens, toys, games and bath toys!  Gavin had the Field museum room with a lot of dinosaurs and Mia had the Shedd Aquarium room.  The package for these rooms included tickets to the museum and aquarium and breakfasts.

Our first day we went to the Shedd Aquarium. That thursday afternoon was nuts and not super enjoyable due to the crowds.  The kids did get to see  a few things, play in some pretend tide pools and touch a Sea Star. The Reef exhibit was neat and it was great having my sister-in-law around. She and her husband dive around the world and knew about all the fish we saw.

Next morning the Field Museum was up.  We had just spent the week before reading about dinosaurs and Sue so Gavin was very excited!

The 3-D movie was a little much for Gavin and he hid the entire time after he saw Sue rip into a Triceratops.  Little Mia had a nightmare at nap time.  The Whale exhibit and Horse exhibit were great.  Both kid really enjoyed The Crown Family Play lab.  A must if going with kids.  Gavin did a craft, played house in an adobe building, brushed off sand to “discover” a dinosaur bone, had a story time, and so many other cool things.   Another hit was the Underground adventure, ware you shrink down to the size of an ant and explore what is in the soil.

We had a great time, tomorrow I will talk about the WIP I worked on while on vacation and Thursday I will talk about the restaurants.  Please click links to explore further.  I have found that both these museums have discount/free days available, please check it out!


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  1. […] age appropriate books, then look for things to do around each theme.  For example, when we went down town last year, I knew we would be hitting both the Field museum and  the Shedd aquarium.  Two weeks […]

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