Recording the journey…and knitting

Adventures July 18, 2011

So this last week the boy wanted to learn about rocks.  We learned all about igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks,  sedimentary rocks and minerals.

The area libraries have a program sponsored by Macy’s that give discounted or free admission to area museums and gardens. Museum Adventure Pass Presented  by Macy’s.  Check it out! In the Chicago area, there are 17 participants,  we went to the Lake County Discovery Museum.  They have two changing exhibits and three or four permanent ones.  If in the area, it is nice for a quick trip or all day as the museum is on Lakewood Forrest Preserve.

I just learned that Micheals has been having free craft days! Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday they have Passport to fun ,  Each day is a craft from a different country.  Last week Memaw and Gavin made impressionist paintings and we took him to make a crown. It will end July 30th, so act fast!

Hope you have lots of fun this week!

ETA: OMG I forgot to run spell check before I posted! Please forgive!


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