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multi June 21, 2011

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First; happy belated Fathers day to fathers of all kinds out there!

VBS has started again. For those not in the know, that’s Vacation Bible School.  This is my second year participating since I was in Junior High.  This year I am teaching the Preschool bible lesson each day, and five times a day.  I am tiered and its my second day.  It’s truly hard keeping up the energy from the first to last.  Each session has any were from 12 to 17 kids aged 3 to 6!  It gives you an appreciation for all the different personalities kid have. 

1.  This is the same church I  have attended since I was 3

2.  My Mom is GREAT

3.  I love thunder storms

4.  I have wonderful in-laws

5.  I have this little dog, she is small and very funny  (ten points if you can name the reference, ten more if you know the original author)

6.  I love polish pottery

7.  Love cobalt blue glass

8.  I sleep on my belly

9.  coffee and tea

10. love a good foot message


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