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Jar covers June 15, 2011

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This is my first pattern I am posting here, not my first ever just here.  I love the idea of knitting things for the home and transforming something ordinary into something beautiful and wanted.  I have many many jars. Just ask Tim. “what could I do with them?” I asked myself.  Then looking around both the internet and magazines and books I saw some knitted and crocheted covers for jars.  Of course this is me and I said “I could do that!”  And I did.

Tips for Picking out a Jar:  I found wide mouth jars work best and that I used 10.5 inch in circumference.

Yarns I used was Berrocco Seduce and Cascade Yarn Heritage sock yarn.  Any fingering weight yarn should work, a great way to use up left overs!

I used size 3 American knitting needles.

Graph of pattern

CO 51 stitches

Knit the next 4 rows.

Work the pattern for desired length.  The knitting should be stretched to fit, be careful not to make too long

The bottom;

1.  (K8, K2Tog) across (K lasts stitches) (46 stitches)

2.  P across this row and every even row

3.  (K7, K2Tog) across (K last stitches) (41)

5.  (K6, K2Tog) across (K  last stitches) (36)

7.  (K5, K2Tog) across (K last stitches) (31)

9.  (K4, K2Tog) access (K las stitches) (26)

11. You could continue as above until 6 stitches are left but I prefer: K2Tog across (11)

Cut a very long tail, draw through loops on needle.  Sew up seem loosely.  Try on the jar and draw the yarn though the loops on the top and draw snug.  not so tight it closes on top but enough to go about 1 to 2 cm over the edge.  finish off.  You could knit this in the round, I would only cast on 49 stitches and ignore the last two stitches on the graph.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern, I thopught I would be nice with one of those little battery operated tea lights, No real ones please!


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