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What a Weekend! June 6, 2011

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Non stop!  First thing this past week was art week in our home.  We read books on museums, on Vincent Von Gogh, on Georges Seurat, and others.  We have had fun playing with play-dough and making little monsters.  Gavin’s interest and knowledge about art has really grown!  Saturday was employee appreciation day at The Art Institute of Chicago for Harris.  We started by going to the museum web site to get some good tips on seeing the museum with children, they have great tips for ALL ages.  We took Memaw with us and took the train into chicago which is quite something in itself!  Gavin has taken the train, but only to Park Ridge, this was his first time down town.  We walked from the train station to millenium Park and Splashed a little  by the Face Fountains.

Then it was time for the museum.  We didn’t have any great plans, letting Gavin lead and let us know what he was up for.  First thing we headed for was the children’s and touch galleries.   Gavin LOVED creating his own Cornell boxes, creating rubbings of brass plates, and touching the sculptures.  Next we headed to the Ryan Education center in the new modern wing.  We got to create spring time sceans of other art works or creating our own from out the window, we went on a mini gallery walk to explore four pieces of art and explore making more art using collage.  from there we made sure to see three works of art that I knew would  interest Gavin.  We saw the Van Gogh works, the Seurat’s including  Sunday afternoon on the island of the Grand Jatte.  And  Paris, a rainy day.  At this point Gavin was pretty much done we went back to the Cornell boxes again.

Back to millenium Park afterword to soak our tootsies.  This park is such a wonderful part of this city and helps to remind you are in a world-class city. Open and free to be enjoyed by everyone, the water areas, one designed for kids and play and one for calm foot dangling and reflection.  the gardens, the art including the Cloud Gate (better known as The Bean), and the concert area.


We also went to the art and craft fair  at Michigan Ave and Lake St.  Walked back to the train, got some Garretts popcorn (yum).

Sunday was spent painting at church for Vacation Bible School for five hours!  So I am sore today! But so great to spend time this weekend with my husband and son and mom!



One Response to “What a Weekend!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Sore! But all worth it!

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