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chrochet dolls June 29, 2011

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Cute.  Yes, maybe strange.  Minions, TARDIS and Smith, and Severus!


some adventureing June 27, 2011

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As you may recall last week was vacation bible school.  What a crazy, wonderful, full week!  Our church puts on quite the production, with decorations and skits! Every one does such a great job! Gavin is still sad that it is over.   A lot of energy was exerted and I am still fatigued, and a little grouchy…sorry Gavin and Tim.

Becky and Tyler had a little wedding reception at her new in-laws house.  They are wonderful and kind people and obviously love her very much, at least as much as we love Tyler.


Dish cloths June 22, 2011

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I absolutely love home-made dish cloths.  I find they are are absorbent, have better scrubbing powers and last longer!  They quick to knit up and are  as simple or complex as you want to make them.  Here are some of my favorites I have made.

This dish cloth was made for Tim’s Aunt Nancy.

This Trio of cloths are for my newlywed Sister.  I hope she loves them too!

Cloths can be whimsical too, like this one Gavin requested! TARDIS.

unfortunately a lot of the cloths I have made have not been recorded.  Who records the mundane and utilitarian.  How much more interesting would it be if we knew and understood even these things throughout history.  Our foremothers always strived to put beauty into the everyday things and because they were used, reused, then reused till they literally were no longer useable, we don’t know of these things.  They simply did not survive and went undocumented do to their utilitarian nature. I will do my best to record all my crafted items, no matter how mundane or how utilitarian.



multi June 21, 2011

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First; happy belated Fathers day to fathers of all kinds out there!

VBS has started again. For those not in the know, that’s Vacation Bible School.  This is my second year participating since I was in Junior High.  This year I am teaching the Preschool bible lesson each day, and five times a day.  I am tiered and its my second day.  It’s truly hard keeping up the energy from the first to last.  Each session has any were from 12 to 17 kids aged 3 to 6!  It gives you an appreciation for all the different personalities kid have. 

1.  This is the same church I  have attended since I was 3

2.  My Mom is GREAT

3.  I love thunder storms

4.  I have wonderful in-laws

5.  I have this little dog, she is small and very funny  (ten points if you can name the reference, ten more if you know the original author)

6.  I love polish pottery

7.  Love cobalt blue glass

8.  I sleep on my belly

9.  coffee and tea

10. love a good foot message


its thursday again June 16, 2011

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1.  Kids birthday parties

2. Pizza

3. Cake

4.  Can I say cake again?  Its my blog and I will, but chocolate this time

5.  presents

6.  friends

7.  socks

8.  Little boys who like little girls

9.  Boys excited to see friends from school

10.  Getting completely worn out at Money Joes…yeah that one is priceless.


Jar covers June 15, 2011

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This is my first pattern I am posting here, not my first ever just here.  I love the idea of knitting things for the home and transforming something ordinary into something beautiful and wanted.  I have many many jars. Just ask Tim. “what could I do with them?” I asked myself.  Then looking around both the internet and magazines and books I saw some knitted and crocheted covers for jars.  Of course this is me and I said “I could do that!”  And I did.

Tips for Picking out a Jar:  I found wide mouth jars work best and that I used 10.5 inch in circumference.

Yarns I used was Berrocco Seduce and Cascade Yarn Heritage sock yarn.  Any fingering weight yarn should work, a great way to use up left overs!

I used size 3 American knitting needles.

Graph of pattern

CO 51 stitches

Knit the next 4 rows.

Work the pattern for desired length.  The knitting should be stretched to fit, be careful not to make too long

The bottom;

1.  (K8, K2Tog) across (K lasts stitches) (46 stitches)

2.  P across this row and every even row

3.  (K7, K2Tog) across (K last stitches) (41)

5.  (K6, K2Tog) across (K  last stitches) (36)

7.  (K5, K2Tog) across (K last stitches) (31)

9.  (K4, K2Tog) access (K las stitches) (26)

11. You could continue as above until 6 stitches are left but I prefer: K2Tog across (11)

Cut a very long tail, draw through loops on needle.  Sew up seem loosely.  Try on the jar and draw the yarn though the loops on the top and draw snug.  not so tight it closes on top but enough to go about 1 to 2 cm over the edge.  finish off.  You could knit this in the round, I would only cast on 49 stitches and ignore the last two stitches on the graph.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern, I thopught I would be nice with one of those little battery operated tea lights, No real ones please!


Sorry about moday June 14, 2011

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So actually a pretty calm weekend.  This week we studied the Solar system.  It has been difficult explaining the whole Puto is not a planet any more  thing to the boy.  All the books we got included Pluto and only one said anything about the controversy of said planet.  But Gavin did like it. 

We got to see the newlyweds this weekend.  Becky and Tyler are doing well and it was really good to see them.

I guess its time for ten on tuesday now.

1.  I Like Animation

2.  I hate Politics

3.  I am so tired

4.  there are toys alover the living room

5.  PBS is Boss

6.  I, like Dumbledore, Love muggle knitting patterns

7.  I have severel obssions

8.  I like craft books

9.  I love silent movies

10.     Kids parties are fun