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Catch up and Ten on tuesday May 31, 2011

Filed under: Adventures,Ten on Tuesday — mamazoya @ 4:44 pm

Ok so I didn’t post yesterday but I was out having fun.  Didn’t do anything too much exciting, we walked to the park we babysat a friend of Gavin’s and had a BBQ at Memaws.  Little Man spent much quality time with Memaw at the sand box

11.  I love Sci-Fi

12.  I love History

13.  I love the Victorians

14.  I dig the Great War over WWII

15.  I want to go back to England

16.  Even though we are currently in an apartment I want a garden

17.  I am proud of my little man

18.  I only ever knew Two of my grand parents and not for very long

19.  I rarely have any less than three projects going at a time

20. I have a bad temper.


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