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Schools out for summer May 25, 2011

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Today is the last day of the school year for Gavin.  He is sad.  He is going to miss all his friends.  Gavin won’t see a lot of them next year either; He is in the preschool program and most of the kids in his class will be going to Kindergarten, and some in different schools.  He has one more year of Preschool since he misses the birthday cut off.  He will benefit from another year, I know that, I wish he could go on with his friends. 

We have some big plans for the summer! There will be story time at the library, vacation bible school, swim lessons, a trip to Chicago, and a variety of other museums and fun things.  I plan on doing things on the cheep and reporting back.  One thing we are not doing this year, but highly recommend is the year pass to Brookfield Zoo.  We did this last year and loved it, the only reason we are not doing it again, is that we have a family pass to The Museum of Science and Industry.  With the family pass you get a lot of goodies and if you go twice it more than pays for itself.  The zoo is open year round, making it neet to see animals and activities during on the seasons!  We will most likely do it again next year, Gavin loved it! 

Another great offering from the library is the Museum Pass program, Check out your local library for details.  There are about 15 museums, art exhibits, and botanical gardens that you can get in free or for discount!

Keep posted to the monday adventures to keep up with ware we have been!


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