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Squirrels and they are not in my pants May 23, 2011

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We had a wonderful friday, saturday, and sunday.  Friday was bowling day with Gavin’s Wee Kids.  He saw some of his best friends and had a blast.  Then they turned on the black lights and they  were ecstatic!!

Saturday was Public Works Day in Wauconda.  that is always a good time with one of each of their big trucks and backhoes on display. not just display, but open.  Gavin climbed into each one, he climbed into both of the police cruisers on display too!  Luckily for this mama, he was more interested in being in the front then in the back. 🙂  We got a little tree to plant, lots of stickers and pencils, a hotdog, a soda, a very sticky cotton candy, and a snow cone.  No, we did not let him have any candy or sugar for the next three days!  When we were done and the rain was threatening we decided to leave.  We met a friendly little guy, a squirrel.  He crossed the street low to the ground, came up over the curb and began to clean himself.  Tim kneeled slowly to get his picture and he was rushed by this small squirrel.  He was friendly and wanted to be pet!    He came  up to us to nibble at shoes and chase Gavin around.  Poor thing must have been raised by someone and some how  got away.  We spent  some time watching and takeing pictures (not one came out).

Sunday was the last day of sunday school and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know the boys and one girl in my class.  She was one brave girl.

It was a blessed weekend with family fun, some park time and a squirrel.


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